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Discover your
Eternal Echo

Every moment, every encounter, every laugh holds an echo of your soul. But what remains of us when we are no more? The answer is woven into the hearts of those who love us and into the stories we share with the world.

Eternal Echo is not a service, but an emotional bridge between generations, a timeless capsule of your unforgettable stories and wisdom. Eternal Echo gives you the opportunity to immortalize your life, experiences, thoughts and love in an authentic, powerful video that will remain a living light in the hearts of your loved ones.

Send an echo into the world

Your Story – 
Your Truth

Everyone has their unique story, their individual truth, marked by ups and downs. We enable you to tell your story authentically and profoundly. Our qualified coaches with expertise in listening and understanding your thoughts will capture your words of wisdom in a colorful and accessible film project.

An Echo
for eternity.

Life is fleeting, but your stories and memories have the power to stand the test of time. Give the world your knowledge, your love and your personality. Your Eternal Echo will be a comfort and inspiration, and will connect people in a special way - today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

Real, Lively,

It's your story, told in your words, captured in a medium that will last for generations. Show the world and the future who you really are - a wonderful person with rough edges, alive and unique.

Create Your
Eternal Echo

Give permanence to your memories. Eternal Echo helps you create a timeless document that honors your existence in all its facets and touches the people you care about. Start this extraordinary adventure and let your echo reverberate in people's hearts forever.

Über Eternal Echo
Mike Fuhrmann Gründer Eternal Echo

Who we are

About Eternal Echo

Eternal Echo was born not only from a vision, but from a deep, personal experience that touched the heart of our founder, Mike Fuhrmann.

Eternal Echo was born out of a personal, painful experience that deeply touched the heart of our founder, Mike Fuhrmann. After losing his grandparents, Mike felt that their real stories and the essence of their being were missing. He realized that the true echo of a person in the world is their life story and wisdom.

And unfortunately, he also had to realize that all the beauty of these people fades after death and only names and facts remain – but that from which we can all learn usually disappears with the people.

Unser Angebot

Our echoes

Your legacy, your story, your echo

Eternal Echo Bogen

Classic Echo

Be your true self and share your unadulterated beauty and uniqueness with the world.

Result: A raw, unedited video and highlight clip of your truest moments.

Price: 3,999 CHF incl. VAT.

Eternal Echo Bogen

Afterlife Echo

Determine your own legacy and leave your immortal message to your loved ones.

Result: an uncut video and a compilation of your most loving and beautiful statements for your estate.

Price: 3,999 CHF incl. VAT.

Eternal Echo Bogen

Memorial Echo

Revive the memory of your loved ones.

Result: an approximately 45-minute memory video that preserves the soul of your loved one in every frame.

Price: 4,999 CHF incl. VAT

Eternal Echo Bogen

Cine Echo

Your life as an opulent cinematic fairy tale.

Result: a magnificent feature-length life documentary that brings your truest self into focus.

Price: offer based


This is how it works

How an echo is created


by form or telephone.


Detailed information

We guarantee the constant availability of your video and cover all hosting costs. Your video and the QR code that you can distribute on various media ensure that your message and echo can be experienced again and again.

Optional extensions

  • Your message as NFT

  • Individualized DVDs

  • "More than a photo: Your echo in a digital picture frame.

  • Special for special occasions: Funeral cards with video - your last "thank you" in moving pictures

Your echo. Your story. Alive forever.

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You know of someone for whom Eternal Echo would be a true blessing? Someone whose story and life's wisdom deserve to be recorded for eternity?

Recommend us and receive a referral fee of 100 CHF as a thank you!

Share Eternal Echo with friends, family or acquaintances and help give more people the opportunity to share and preserve their unique life stories and precious memories. Together, we can ensure that more people can share their messages and insights with the world and generations to come.

We enjoy every successful referral and say thank you by letting you share in our success!

Just send us in your order in the note "My recommendation", as well as name and surname and e-mail address of the recommended person.

Eternal Echo Bogen
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